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3. Your short, fat ___ is next to your other fingers.
5. ___ed peanuts are baked in an oven.
7. Did she ___ on to the peanut with her hands?
8. A ___ butter sandwich is delicious.
11. Did she ___ open the peanut shell with her thumbs?
12. A red skin ___s each little peanut.


1. She ___ out some peanuts from the bag.
2. You can't eat peanut ___s or egg ___s.
4. You can buy peanuts in paper or plastic ___s.
6. The red skin on a peanut is very ___. It isn't thick.
9. She poured the peanuts out on the coffee ___.
10. The peanuts had a thin red ___ that covered them.