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2. It was ___ in the doctor's office, so he took off his jacket.
3. He was in the doctor's ___.
5. This was his favorite ___. He had other coats, but he liked this one best.
6. His jacket wasn't too ___ or too light. It was just the right weight.
9. The nurse called his name. He went into the ___ room.
10. The color of the jacket was ___--a very light brown.
11. The ___ said the doctor would see him in a minute.


1. A ___ jacket is the right weight for spring, but you need a heavy jacket for winter.
2. A medium-___ jacket is good for cool weather, but not cold weather.
4. Another ___ in the doctor's office stole his favorite jacket.
7. The jacket ___ him well--it wasn't too big or too small.
8. Did he ___ his jacket? Did he remember it too late?