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4. A ___ is a fat farm animal that eats almost anything.
5. A ___ protects people against a virus.
6. A. Does everyone like to eat meat? B. No, but ___ people do.
7. ___ are pigs.
9. The flu will make you very ___. You might even go to the hospital.
11. Have you ever caught the ___? Were you sick for a while?
12. A vaccine will ___ you from the flu.


1. ___es are like bacteria. They are tiny and can make you sick.
2. A ___ grows corn and has cows and pigs.
3. They ___d a new vaccine. It was ___d all over the United States.
8. People were getting sick all over the ___, from the U.S. to China.
10. Many people like to eat ___ and eggs for breakfast. A BLT is a ___, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.