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1. A. Are you ___ed? B. No, I'm not done yet. Give me another minute.
4. ___ is a color that's between red and blue.
6. You need to make an ___ to see a doctor or a hairdresser.
8. Many women go to a ___ salon to become more beautiful.
11. A ___ makes women's hair look nice and pretty.
12. Older people have ___ or white hair.


2. A hairdresser works in a beauty ___.
3. Purple is just one ___. There are thousands of different ___s.
5. I can't tint your hair right now, but I can tint it a little bit ___.
7. Many women ___ their hair a different color.
9. The hairdresser ___ed some purple color to Susan's black hair.
10. Do you get a ___cut about once a month?