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2. ___ your back; you will look better and feel better.
4. Can you ___ your toes without bending your knees?
5. My grandpa has a big ___. He can't see his feet when he stands up.
8. Your neck supports your ___.
9. It looks good and feels good to stand up ___ and sit up ___.
11. He washed his hands; his fingers and ___s were clean. She held the little doll in the ___ of her hand.


1. He did pushups on the ___. His hands had dirt on them.
3. Do you stand on your ___s to reach something that's a little bit high?
5. Keep your back straight when you pick up something heavy. Don't ___ your back.
6. Your shoes belong on your ___. Two ___ = 24 inches.
7. A ___ is a kind of exercise. You don't need any equipment; just get down on the ground.
10. Pushups exercise your ___s. You straighten your ___s and then you bend your ___s.