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1. People wear a swim___ or bathing ___ when they go swimming.
4. We teach adults and ___s how to swim.
5. Do you dry off with a ___ after you swim or shower?
6. We ___ more to teach adults than to teach kids. We ___ adults $10 more.
9. Do you know ___ to swim?
10. Many people learn how to swim in a swimming ___.
11. ___ is the best time for swimming. It's hot and sunny.


2. A swim ___ will teach you how to swim.
3. Kids and ___s can take swimming lessons.
5. Will a swim instructor ___ you how to swim?
7. Do you go ___ming in a pool, a lake, a river, or the ocean?
8. I'm so ___, but I forgot your name. What was it again?