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2. A rear-view ___ helps you see what's behind you.
5. A ___ can become a friend if you're friendly to him.
7. She drove ___ the stranger on the sidewalk. Then she looked at him in her rear-view mirror.
9. Do you see a police car in your rear-___ mirror?
10. Remember to ___ the door when you leave your car or apartment.
11. The stranger was walking on the ___ next to the street.
12. Her car was parked in her ___ next to her garage.


1. Do you like the ___ where you live? Do you know most of your neigbors?
3. Most cars and trucks have more than one ___-view mirror.
4. Was he ___ing the doors? Did the teacher give the students a ___?
6. Do you ___ that you can't have everything you want?
8. The man was walking very ___. He kept stopping to look inside cars.