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2. Do you ___ through your mouth or your nose?
4. You need to wear a heavy ___ when it's cold outside.
7. The winter sun is always low in the sky; it's ___ high in the sky.
8. The ___ of a big tree gives you cool shade in the summer.
10. You boil water for tea in a ___.


1. Hot ___ comes out of a teapot when the water is boiling.
2. When it's cold, you can see someone's ___ when they breathe out.
3. A ___ jacket will keep you warm in winter.
5. The sky is often ___, not blue, in the winter.
6. People stand outside with their hands in their ___s to keep them warm.
8. People sit down or ___ up.
9. In the winter, if you ___ on your hands, they will be a little warmer.