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1. I will ___ you $100 to chop down these trees.
3. You can start a fire with a match and some ___ from the gas station.
6. The fire was out of ___. The firemen couldn't put it out.
7. The woods are full of tall ___s. Birds live in the ___s.
8. I can't ___ to pay you $100 to chop down these trees. I only have $50.
11. A ___ is something that is a danger.
12. Did she ___ gasoline on both trees?


2. A fire control ___ makes sure fires don't start accidentally.
4. It's more than hot--it's extra hot, it's ___ hot. ___man flies through the sky.
5. Are you a ___ person or a rich person?
9. She poured gasoline on the trees and set them on ___.
10. The fire control agent told her to ___ the trees down. They were a fire hazard.