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1. Meat ___ is a delicious dish. A ___ of bread will make a lot of sandwiches.
3. A ___ is a big metal trash can on wheels. It is rectangular and heavy.
6. ___ has a lot of fat, but it smells good at breakfast time.
8. ___ is a white meat. It comes from pigs. It is a popular and delicious. ___ and beans.
9. Fast food restaurants sell cheeseburgers and ___s.
10. ___ is the meat that comes from cows. What's your ___?


1. She opened the ___ of the dumpster and looked in.
2. Pork, beef, and chicken are ___. Most people love to eat ___.
4. Did the dumpster ___ because of the raw meat? Did it smell bad?
5. The opened ___ of raw hamburger meat stunk. It was a plastic ___.
7. The raw meat was ___ed with flies and ants. It stunk.