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2. There is a ___ in your kitchen and in your bathroom.
3. Do you ___ the floor with a broom?
6. The ___ is in your bathroom only. People use the ___ several times a day.
8. ___ water is water with soap in it.
9. You can see your face in the bathroom ___.


1. A ___ or custodian cleans buildings.
2. Scrub the ___s that go up to a building. Walk down the ___s or walk up the ___s.
4. A ___ cloth is good for cleaning things. Don't use a dry cloth.
5. He mopped the dirty ___ with a wet mop.
7. Did he ___ the carpet with a ___ cleaner?
8. He ___bed the steps with soapy water and a brush.
9. Use a wet ___ to ___ the floor when it's dirty.