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1. People who run for public office are ___s.
3. Barack Obama is the 44th ___ of the United States.
5. A political ___ist draws ___s of politicians.
7. He was a ___ cartoonist. Everyone knew who he was. He drew political cartoons of ___ politicians.
9. Everyone wanted his ___. He ___ed his book with his signature.
10. His cartoons did not make politicians laugh. His cartoons made them ___.
11. Did he ___ political cartoons?


2. The U.S. ___ has 535 politicians; they are in the House and the Senate.
3. He was famous for his ___ cartoons. They made fun of politicians.
4. The politicians thought his cartoons were ___; they didn't think the cartoons were nice.
6. Politicians didn't like him, but ___ people did.
8. A book ___ is an event for selling books. A county ___ is an event for fun, games, and rides.