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1. You can't have more than 100 ___ of anything. Fifty ___ is exactly half.
5. A TV or radio ___ tells us the news. A newspaper ___ writes the news.
7. The ___ of police is the boss of the police.
8. It's a ___ to steal things, to hit people, or to sell drugs.
10. You see and hear the news on TV, but you only hear it on the ___.
11. ___ is a crime. ___ is stealing something from someone.


1. Most of us are ordinary people. We are the ___. Government workers work for the ___.
2. He talked about theft only. He didn't say ___ about other crimes.
3. Use your desktop ___ to go online.
4. Americans are ___ to be American. Mexicans are ___ to be Mexican. Canadians are ___ to be Canadian.
6. Do you ride a bus, train, or ___ to work? Does your ___ have 2 pedals and 10 gears?
9. You did a good ___. You should be proud of yourself.