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1. Cars usually have 4, 6, or 8 ___ plugs.
3. A ___ can fix your car if it's not running right.
5. A car runs better with new spark ___s.
8. ___ time I get in my old car, I wonder if it will start.
9. A mechanic ___es cars.
10. Don't ___; be happy. Enjoy the present; don't ___ about the past or the future.
11. If your car is on fire, get out of it ___. Don't wait!


1. ___ you're happy, and ___ you're unhappy.
2. A. Did the mechanic tell her to ___ her car in? B. Yes. She took it in.
4. My mechanic can't look at my car right now, but he can look at it ___ today.
6. I will sell my car. Then I won't have problems with it ___.
7. Sometimes it takes a couple of ___s for my car to start, especially in cold weather.