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1. A ___ is art. Many painters create famous ___s.
2. There are county ___s, book ___s, and art ___s. Many people attend ___s.
4. If you want to ___ your painting, show it to buyers at an art fair.
6. A painting is a kind of ___. ___ists create great ___.
7. A price ___ tells you the price of an item. Price ___s stick on or hang on items.
8. If an artist wants to sell his art, he should ___ the price, not raise it.
10. A ___ painting will sell faster than an ugly painting.


1. He looked at the ___ tag. It said $50.
3. If you visit a city, you are a ___ in that city.
4. The painter was upset; he didn't sell a ___ painting at the art fair. Do you sleep in a ___ bed or a double bed?
5. Do starving artists ___ to death? Don't they ever eat?
9. Did even one customer ___ a single painting?