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1. Can you ___ the robber? Can you tell us what he looks like?
4. The ___ reporter wrote about the robbery.
7. We are all ___ beings.
9. A ___ thinks that his race is better than other races.
10. Do you believe there is only one ___--the human ___? A marathon is a ___.
11. The bank ___ stole money from the bank.


2. The robber will ___ us in court. His lawyer will try to get money from us.
3. A. What is your ___? B. I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall.
5. TV, radio, and newspaper ___s tell us the latest news.
6. A ___ and his client will sue you if you do something wrong.
8. I have a checking account and savings account at my ___.
9. Does a bank ___ber ___ banks? Does he run from the police?