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6       7        


1. Don't turn left or right. Go ___.
2. Where is the money you owe me? I'm ___ waiting for it.
3. Stand on your feet. Then put one ___ in front of the other. That's how you will go forward.
4. He couldn't ___ over to tie his shoes. He had a bad back.
5. He ___ed when he stood up. She heard him ___. "What's the matter?" she asked.
6. Don't carry a heavy suitcase up and down the subway ___s. It's bad for your back.
8. Does she ___ a heavy purse on her shoulder?
9. He couldn't ___. He just stood there, completely still. Finally, he took a step.


1. Some people take a ___ to go shopping for groceries.
2. The ___ is a fast way to travel in New York City. It goes underground.
3. Do you want to go ___ or backward?
7. Do you ___ hands when you meet someone new?