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1. You should ___ to help someone if you see that they need help.
5. "My ___ is my better half," said her husband.
6. Many ___ people would prefer to be married.
8. There are usually 20 cigarettes in a ___ of cigarettes.
9. You don't have to pay for something that is ___. If something is ___, it usually isn't worth much.
11. You can buy newspapers, magazines, gum, and cigarettes at a ___ on the sidewalk in NY City.
12. Is there a shoe store ___? I know there's one far away, but I want one that's close.


2. I offered her a dollar, but she ___d to accept it. She said, "No, thanks."
3. All I have is a dollar ___, but the machine only takes quarters.
4. Marlboro is a famous brand of ___. ___ smokers enjoy Marlboros.
7. ___ was married to Grandma, but now they are both dead.
10. You are very ___ if you win the lottery. You are very un___ if lightning strikes you.