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1. You can buy many different ___s at any store. Your receipt names each ___ that you bought.
4. The store has three ___s. An escalator takes you from ___ to ___.
6. M&M is a popular ___ of candy. Hershey's is another ___ of candy.
9. Can you see the ___ scratches? They are very small.
10. A cat will ___ you or bite you if it gets angry.
11. The plastic ___ holds candy. ___s come in many different shapes and sizes. They hold many different items.


2. You need ___ to work or play. You get your ___ from food.
3. A ___ = 16 ounces. Do you weigh more or less than 100 ___s?
5. There were tiny scratches on the ___ of each container. She took the ___ off to look at the scratches.
7. She wanted to ___ the container she had bought for a different container.
8. She lay down in bed and rested her head on the soft ___.
10. People eat candy as a ___ between meals. They also eat fruit as a ___.