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1. To apply, you must fill out the ___ form.
4. To ___, you must fill out the registration form.
7. Some voters can get an absentee ___. They fill out the ___ and mail it in.
9. There is a presidential ___ every 4 years in the U.S. Voters elect a president.
10. If you vote, you are a ___. ___s determine who gets elected.
11. It is better to give than to ___. Children ___ gifts for their birthdays.


2. Some people are ___ly disabled. They are in a wheelchair or have other ___ problems.
3. He received a voter ___ from the Board of Elections. A ___ is an announcement.
4. If you don't like what you wrote the first time, ___ it. Then ___ it again if you don't like the first ___.
5. Physically ___ people have the same rights as other people.
6. You can receive an ___ ballot in the mail. Then you can vote from home.
8. The ___ of Elections sends out absentee ballots and voter notices. A ___ is a committee.