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1. ___ is part of New York City. The Empire State Building is in ___.
4. Take the ___ if you want to go to the top of the Empire State Building. Don't climb the stairs.
6. I sent her an email, but I'm still waiting for her ___. She hasn't answered it yet.
8. A lawyer works for his ___. A real estate agent works for her ___.
9. Manhattan is full of apartment ___s and office ___s. There are many ___s on almost every block.
10. In Manhattan, many travelers use the ___, bus, or taxi to get around the city.


2. A real estate ___ shows her clients different apartments in different buildings.
3. The phone ___ went dead. He didn't even hear a dial tone. He tried to reconnect.
4. Does a real ___ agent stay busy most of the time?
5. Do you live in ___, midtown, or downtown Manhattan?
7. Climbing ___ is no fun. Even walking down ___ is work. The elevator is much easier.
9. You can take the ___ almost everywhere in Manhattan, but it is much slower than the subway or a taxi.