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1. Did he pay ___ or did he use his credit card?
5. ___ = Automated Teller Machine
6. Don't walk away from me; walk ___ me.
10. ___ = somebody; anyone = anybody
11. If you ___ your card into this slot, the door will automatically open.


1. The bank was on the ___ of the street, not in the middle of the block.
2. There was a ___ next to the front door. The ___ was for ATM cards.
3. If you have an ATM ___, just slide it into the slot.
4. ___ do you get inside the bank? I see people inside, but I don't know ___ they got in.
7. He stood ___ the bank. He couldn't figure out how to get inside.
8. He opened the door and ___ped inside the bank.
9. The door was ___ed! How did you get inside? How did you un___ the door? There is no key.