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1. Do office workers usually have a chair to sit in and a ___ to work at?
4. You can't see out a ___ window. You have to clean the window.
5. A city ___ starts at one intersection and ends at the next intersection.
7. Some buildings have glass ___s that are from the floor to the ceiling.
8. Most cities have short buildings and ___ buildings.
9. ___ comes out of the top of some buildings. The ___ is gray, white, or sometimes black.
10. Trees are in a jungle or a ___.


2. My apartment building is only one ___ tall. But the apartment across the street is 10 stories tall.
3. A jail or a ___ is a home for criminals.
5. Most people think that flowers and birds are ___. They are so pretty!
6. I have a great ___ from the roof of my 30-story apartment building. I can see the river and mountains.
7. LA is ___ of NY. NY is east of LA.