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1. The sun ___s in the east and sets in the west.
5. A. Are you taking English classes? What ___ are you in? B. I'm in ___ One.
7. Pigeons like to sit on the window ___s of buildings.
8. Is your left ___ smaller than your right ___? One ___ = 12 inches.
10. Some metals are ___. They reflect light.
11. People in a city walk on the ___s, not in the streets.
12. A ___ filled with helium can float into the sky.


2. Many U.S. coins are made of ___.
3. Smoke comes out of a chimney or a ___.
4. A balloon filled with helium can ___ in the air. A boat ___s on a lake.
6. ___ is the most popular team sport in the world.
9. ___s are city birds. You see them everywhere in big cities.