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1. A coffee ___ is small and dark brown.
4. A paper or plastic ___ has a shape like a triangle.
6. The ___ is the top or the cover for a pot or pan.
7. People put food and dishes in a kitchen ___. Open the ___ door and take out a can of food.
8. A ___ is deeper and taller than a pan.
10. A coffee ___ has a blade to chop up coffee beans into tiny pieces.
11. Fill the pot with water. Then put it on the stove. Then turn on the ___ to boil the water


2. An ___ is a scent. People love the ___ of fresh coffee or fresh bread.
3. A coffee ___ has different shapes. It is usually made of paper.
5. He put the plastic cone on top of the big glass ___.
7. The microwave sat on the kitchen ___.
9. He ground the coffee beans with his electric ___er.