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1. A ___ is someone who rides in a plane, bus, train, or car.
6. A ___ is something that is really good that happens only occasionally. They called the safe landing the "___ on the Hudson."
7. You have two ___s for ice cream: you can choose vanilla or you can choose chocolate.
9. People have a ___ button. If you dive into a swimming pool and land on your stomach, that is a ___ landing.
11. Most big cities in the U.S. have an ___. Passenger planes land at an ___.


2. A passenger plane has at least two big jet ___s. An ___ is like a motor.
3. The ___ and co___ fly a passenger plane.
4. The plane lost one engine, but it landed safely. There was no ___ to the plane. It was a gentle landing.
5. The pilot landed the big plane ___ in the river. It was a soft landing.
8. The plane did not ___ over when it hit the water. It stayed upright. ___ a coin to see if it lands heads or tails.
9. Many ___s were on the river. They went over to the plane to help rescue the passenges.
10. A plane takes off from an airport and ___s at an airport.