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3. A ___ is a long, orange vegetable. Rabbits like to eat ___s. ___ soup and ___ cake taste good.
5. Kids don't like carrots, but they love carrot cake with icing because it tastes ___. Yum!
6. I can't eat the ___ cake by myself, but I can eat two slices.
9. Many kids get a cake with icing every year on their ___. Candles are usually on the cake.
12. "___ Birthday" is a very popular song. People sing it when it's someone's birthday.


1. It was a chocolate ___ with vanilla icing. It said "Happy Birthday" on top.
2. ___ and chocolate are popular flavors for ice cream and icing.
4. I can't bake a cake ___ an oven. I need an oven to bake a cake.
7. Bakers work in a ___. A ___ bakes cakes and bread.
8. ___ is the delicious frosting that goes on top of and all around a cake.
10. Most people go ___ after work. They eat dinner at ___ and watch TV. Then they go to sleep.
11. Everyone has a birthday every ___.