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1. She took a ___ to New York City. She enjoyed her ___.
5. Do you like to ___ between meals? What is your favorite ___? Candy? Fruit? Nuts?
6. Many people like to eat candy ___s. Snickers is a popular candy ___.
9. I will ___ tomorrow morning and return tomorrow night.
11. Food gives you ___ to do things. Without ___, you are tired.
12. your ___ = the child of your aunt or uncle. Do you have any ___s?


2. Don't be rude. Be ___. Don't be im___. Always say Please and Thank You.
3. They got on a ___ bus and took a trip south. It was a nice ___. All the ___ists liked it.
4. You should eat well and exercise ___. That means every day.
7. The tour ___ charges $700 for a tour of the south.
8. Always eat ___ vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, and dairy products. The ___er the better.
10. The ___ works for the tour agency. He is a friendly ___.