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1. Many people buy their groceries at a big ___.
4. There are thousands of ___s that can make people sick or die--the flu is just one ___.
6. Flowers ___ bees and other insects. The flowers are ___ive.
7. Always be careful. Your ___ is very important. So wear a seat belt and look both ways before crossing the street.
9. Did he ___ the food away? Did he ___ it out? Can you ___ a baseball?
10. People pray in a ___.


2. I don't live in a house. I live in an ___.
3. ___ fish are big fish. ___ is a popular fish to eat. Many people buy ___ in a can or package.
5. A loose floorboard can be a safety ___. It can be ___ous to your health.
7. I ___ something burning. Are you cooking something on the stove?
8. Does your apartment building have ants, ___es, or other insects?