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3. The police want to put the criminal into ___ for life.
6. Do you have the ___? We don't accept a copy. We need the ___ document.
7. Tiger Woods is a ___ golfer. Many golf fans like him a lot.
9. The Transportation Security ___ is a federal government ___. It has many agents.
11. Cars, trains, buses, planes, and ships are forms of ___. They transport people from one place to another.
12. A ___ practices law after he goes to law school.


1. It ___s like it's going to rain tomorrow.
2. My ___ leaves at 8 p.m. I have to go to the airport now, or I will miss my plane.
4. A ___ guard works in a bank.
5. A freeway is a ___ highway. It is not a minor side street or back alley.
8. Police are always trying to catch ___s.
10. If the police ___ a bad guy, they will take him to prison.