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1. Did the man ___ out of the window on the 10th floor or did he jump?
4. World ___ I. World ___ II. The Civil ___. The ___ Between the States. The ___ on drugs.
5. An ___ is someone you hate or fear. A friend is someone you love and respect. In a war, one ___ fights another ___.
6. If you call 911, an ___ will take you to the hospital.
8. Firemen ___ fires. Boxers ___ one another. Sometimes married people have a ___.
10. A ___ wears a uniform and goes to war to fight the enemy.


1. A ___ works for the fire department. He puts out fires.
2. Coins are made of ___. Bills are made of paper.
3. A fireman's job is a ___ job. Firemen can get injured or killed.
5. Did the bomb ___? How big was the explosion?
7. I'm standing in line. No one is in front of me, but three people are ___ me.
9. A ___ saves someone's life while risking his own life.