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6           7     


2. If you get cut badly and lose too much ___, you might die.
3. People who smoke sometimes get lung ___.
4. I ___ed him $1,000 for his car, but he wants $2,000.
5. I have to pay the ___ for my apartment every month.
6. Do you cover your mouth when you ___ or sneeze?
9. The patient needed expensive and lengthy ___ for his serious illness.
10. A millionaire has ___ of money. A poor person has barely enough money.


1. The store went ___ because it lost all its customers to another store.
2. I'm ___. I don't have a job. I don't have a single dollar to my name.
6. I work for a big ___. It employs 10,000 workers.
7. Smokers can get ___ cancer, mouth cancer, and throat cancer.
8. You can't mail an envelope unless you put a ___ on it.