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6. There is sex, age, and ethnic ___. People shouldn't discriminate against other people.
7. A TV ___ tells you the latest news. A ___ can be a man or a woman.
9. The company had to ___ off 100 workers.
10. If you get laid off, it's not your ___. It's the ___ of the economy.
11. The ___ is not good during a depression. There aren't enough jobs for workers.
12. When will the company ___ back the workers that it laid off?


1. He ___ed his boss because he thought his boss had discriminated against him. He shot his boss dead.
2. Your ___ tells you what to do at work. Your ___ is your supervisor.
3. The police ___ed him. They took him to jail.
4. The reporter talked about the criminal, but she didn't say ___ about the victim.
5. He was ___ because he got laid off. Did he have a good reason to be mad?
8. The whole nation ___s when the economy is no good.