Click on a number in the grid. Read the clue. Type in your answer. Click on "Hint" to get the next letter(s) of the answer. Click on "Enter" to enter your answer into the grid. Click on "Check" to check your answer.

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1. The man and woman didn't agree about anything. They ___d about everything.
5. The man and woman lived ___, but they were thinking about living apart.
7. Is it 8 p.m. ___? I thought it was only 6 p.m.!
10. Give me a ___ and a kiss.
11. When you ___, make sure you lock the door and turn out the lights.
12. Don't ___ at me. Just speak in a normal voice. ___ing and screaming aren't necessary.


2. Would you ___ live alone, or would you ___ live with someone?
3. Don't be a ___. Our apartment looks like a pigpen. Pick up your clothes. Wash the dishes. Vacuum the floor. Make the bed.
4. You're so ___. You don't work; you don't even look for work. You don't help around the house. What good are you?
6. I'm cooking dinner ___ you watch TV. Can't you help me a little bit?
8. Everything was ___-dovey during the honeymoon. But they started arguing after the honeymoon.
9. Stop yelling at me like I'm a ___. I'm not a ___; I don't have four legs and a tail.