Click on a number in the grid. Read the clue. Type in your answer. Click on "Hint" to get the next letter(s) of the answer. Click on "Enter" to enter your answer into the grid. Click on "Check" to check your answer.

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2. Good restaurants are usually ___ed; bad restaurants are usually empty.
3. Your ___ is between your forearm and your upper arm.
5. It's not polite to ___ or belch, or to pass gas.
8. IBM = International Business ___s
10. Please step ___ so the people behind you can enter this building.
11. His ___ was so big that he couldn't sit in the small airplane seat.


1. A terrorist is a mad ___ who wants to blow up airplanes with his bomb.
4. Your ___ is between your calf and your thigh.
6. The restaurant was ___ed on Mother's Day. There wasn't an empty seat. There are 20 cigarettes in a ___.
7. What is the ___ number of your plane? What time does your ___ leave?
8. ___ = angry. ___ Magazine is a popular magazine. Its "star" is Alfred E. Neuman.
9. Everyone in the night club was ___med together. There wasn't room to walk around. ___ = preserves or jelly