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1. I have two ___s and one son.
5. The ___ is the public official who examines dead bodies.
6. The price for ___s is $10; the price for kids is $6.
7. The police said it was an ___ drowning. Nobody murdered the victim.
8. If you fall into a river and you can't swim, you might ___.
10. He walked ___ back to his hotel. He didn't stop anywhere for anything.


2. He was an important ___ in the company. He was the CEO--the chief ___ officer.
3. The ___ camera operates 24 hours long. It surveys everything in the area.
4. The police looked at the ___ from the surveillance camera, but found no clues.
5. Do you have a digital ___? Do you take a lot of pictures with it?
7. The coroner did an ___ on the body; he cut it open.
9. Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympic ___mer in history. He is like a fish in the water.