156. The New “No Parking” Sign

Gap-fill exercise

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It was noon Wednesday. “That’s not fair. ’s not right,” Mel told . He parked his car night. He parked his on the street. “Look. pole is in fresh ,” he said. “The cement still wet.” It was new parking sign. It , “No Parking 9:30AM-11AM Wednesday.” old parking sign was . The old sign had , “No Parking 1PM-2:30PM Wednesday.” “ neighbors and I park this street,” said Mel. “ know that we can’t here from 1:00 to :30 p.m. But early this they changed the sign. they warn us? Did say anything to us? , but they told parking ! Parking enforcement wrote 25 this morning! Twenty-five tickets! counted them! Each ticket $48. We were all to move our cars 1:00. Now it’s too . Why didn’t they warn ?”