187. USPS Redelivery (1)

Gap-fill exercise

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Rob was in . He went to the office. He mailed a to Jean. He insured package. Jean lived in York City. She lived an apartment building. The building has 20 floors. has a front desk. front desk is on ground floor. Security people at the front desk. week later, Rob’s package in New York City. mailman took it to front desk. “I have package for Apt. 3A. ’s insured. Someone has to for it,” he told . Victor said, “I’ll ring . 3A to see if is home.” He rang apartment. There was no . “No one’s home,” he the mailman. “Would you again?” asked the mailman. “ don’t like to redeliver .” Victor rang the apartment . Nobody answered. The mailman a postal form in ’s mailbox.