Story 004a


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1. Doctors, nurses, and patients fill up ___s.
3. The angry woman spoke ___ to the clerk about his rude behavior.
6. An un___ person looks like he's asleep.
9. Many vehicles on the freeways contain 1 driver and no ___s.
10. The police will give you a roadside ___ test if they think you've been drinking.
13. Criminals end up in prison or ___, at least for a while.
14. Some people turn up their ___ to protect their neck from the sun or the cold.
16. Hollywood and Vine is a famous ___ in Los Angeles.
17. I saw you take the money; don't ___ it. Your theft is on tape.
18. You should recycle your ___ cans and bottles.


2. Los Angeles County has over 100 traffic ___s every day.
3. A relationship will suffer if there is ___ or distrust.
4. There is always the ___ of Peace on Earth.
5. You must show some ___ when you use your credit card.
7. DWI means Driving While ___d.
8. DMV stands for Department of Motor ___s.
10. A cold is not ___, but cancer is a ___ disease.
11. The man fell out of the boat and drowned. ___, he wasn't able to swim.
12. A Smog ___ warns asthma patients to stay indoors.
15. A big rig and a pickup are two types of ___s.