Story 023


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.

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22        23            


2. 'A ___ for your thoughts' means What are you thinking about?
3. 'He ___, she ___' means that two people accused each other of something and it's hard to determine who is telling the truth.
4. ___ has the largest population of all the states. It's known as the Golden State.
5. Nowadays, you have to ___ your own gas. In the past, a gas station employee would ___ it for you, and clean your windshield too.
6. 'There are plenty of fish in the ___' means that if you break up with your girlfriend, there are plenty of other girls to chase.
8. You drive your car by holding onto the steering ___. The ___ of fortune.
9. ___ over it. ___ used to it. ___ going. ___ a life. ___ it?
11. Turtles, eggs, and peanuts have ___s. Most people never eat the ___s, because they don't taste good and they might break your teeth.
12. ___ is a hydrocarbon used as fuel. High ___ gas is called premium, low ___ gas is called economy.
14. A train ___ is sometimes a lot bigger than a gas ___. Trains pull into a train ___. Cars pull into a gas ___.
15. A parking ___. Bill Gates has a ___ of money.
17. '___' is a popular word to make something seem cheaper: Color TVs--___ $99! Sofas--___ $300! Advertisers are always trying to fool us.
18. About 50 ___ of humans are male, and about 50 ___ are female.
20. Would you ___ eat vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
21. The worldwide illegal drug ___ grows each year. Criminals ___ in drugs.
22. In big cities, you might have to drive around the ___ several times in order to find a parking spot on the street. A ___ of ice.
23. If you buy a stock, you hope it will ___ in value. However, its value could plummet instead.


1. Please go ___ and never come back. Get ___ from me.
2. If you can get something at a good ___, you will probably buy it.
3. Alabama and Georgia are ___ states. They are in the Deep South.
7. In baseball, hitters try to have a high batting ___. If your ___ is .250, it means you get a hit 25 percent of the time.
10. When the ___ is strong nationwide, people can buy lots of things they want but don't need.
13. If you can't find true love in your home town, you'll have to look ___.
16. A couple or a few. Many people gain ___ pounds over the holidays.
19. If your car stops running, maybe it ran out of ___.