Story 056a


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   21         22         


2. Hoping to get truthful responses, reporters ___ politicians every day.
5. The man spent 3 weeks in the hospital ___ing from his auto accident.
7. Is Iran distributing .50 ___ sniper rifles to allies in Iraq? (.50 ___ is larger than .38 ___ or .22 ___.)
8. If you want to see what the weather is like, look out the ___.
10. If you want to succeed, you can't sit around on your ___ all day.
13. An ___ meeting between the divorced couple led to angry words.
14. The police will ___ an area at night by driving around quietly, looking for bad guys.
18. In the city, people can exercise by taking a walk around the ___.
20. Stores put up their ___ lights and decorations right after Thanksgiving is over.
21. An ___ is a grownup who quite often acts like a kid.
22. In parts of Los Angeles, you get used to hearing ___s because you're surrounded by armed gangs.


1. The Beatles' brilliant career lasted from 1962 through the ___ '60s. It was over by 1970.
2. It isn't an accident if it was ___.
3. It's amazing how a minor ___ can sometimes develop into a major problem.
4. People spend a lot of time and money to ___ their homes at Christmas time.
6. A ___, or shell, contains the explosive powder that propels the bullet.
9. The diameter of a ___ is called its caliber. A ___ is fired from a gun.
11. Zebras can safely cross a river in Africa if no crocodiles are in the ___.
12. ___ seeing videos of melting glaciers, many people refuse to believe in global warming.
15. Don't ___ people to walk all over you, or you'll be sorry.
16. If you ___ your boyfriend is cheating on you, watch him closely. And look through his wallet. Check his cell phone. Ask him lots of questions.
17. The mightiest ___ that every person has is the simple truth. Truth conquers all.
19. A soldier can suffer so much emotional stress that he becomes only a ___ of his former self.