Story 066a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.

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    1        2       3    4    
     6     7        8       
             10   11       
13    14           15    16        
     17             18     
 21       22              23   
         24      25        
 26                 27     
   28     29               
30           31            
   32          33          


1. If you ___ about everything all the time, no one will believe anything you say.
3. If you ___ down from a fight, some people might think you're a chicken.
7. For relaxation, people play ___ and other parlor games.
8. 'Human ___' means the same as 'human' or 'homo sapiens.'
9. Various kinds of ___s include green ___s, lima ___s, string ___s, and soy___s.
10. Farmers will ___ up a pig before they slaughter it.
12. If you are ___ and thirsty, you will eat and drink.
13. Sara ___ like crying, so she cried. Nancy ___ like Chinese, so she went to a Chinese restaurant.
16. Which do you prefer, vanilla ___ cream or chocolate ___ cream?
17. Bob offered Susan a ride home, but she ___d. Instead, she walked home.
18. When you ___ through eating, make sure you brush your teeth.
19. Take a ___ of this candy to see if you like it.
20. If you do something with ___, you enjoy doing it.
21. People visit the doctor when they ___ or ache.
24. A ___ person will not get upset at long lines or slow traffic.
26. The hungry lions ___ the dead zebra.
29. ___ is an expensive green vegetable. People like to eat the cooked, tender tips.
30. ___ is an inexpensive green vegetable. People like to eat the raw, crunchy stalks.
31. That was gross. He was talking with a ___ of food.
32. Lobster, crab, and ___ are popular seafood.
33. Many people prefer ___ ice cream over store-bought ice cream.


2. Laura is a good listener. She ___ interrupts the speaker.
4. I don't want much. If I can have peace and quiet, then I am a ___ person.
5. If you go ___, you can find almost anything you want after enough clicks.
6. Some people prefer baked potatoes, while others prefer ___ potatoes.
11. When you download software, you have to ___ the terms of the agreement before you can use the software.
14. ___ , tomato, and onion are popular additions to a hamburger sandwich.
15. You will gain ___ if you eat junk food all day long and never exercise.
22. Most people think they are ___, but no one really knows what ___ is.
23. If you offend family or friends, you should ___ to them.
25. I will buy a new car when I have ___ money or ___ credit.
26. Ice cream, cake, pie, and fruit are popular ___s after dinner.
27. Neapolitan ice cream consists of chocolate, ___, and strawberry flavors.
28. Will a woman ever be the world's number one ___ player?