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1. A horseback rider sits on a leather ___.
2. You ___ a horse or dog. You clean a child.
3. New York City has a big Thanksgiving Day ___ every year. There are floats and bands.
4. The opposite of brand name drugs is ___ drugs.
5. My bike is ___ new. Dell and HP are popular ___s of computers.
6. Writing helps you ___ your thoughts.
8. Her horse likes to eat Purina Horse ___.
13. A vet, or ___, is an animal doctor.
15. A car that's low on ___ won't go very far.
16. She has a list of people she will ___ when she needs their help.


1. People live in houses. Horses live in ___s.
2. A ___ person freely gives his time and money to others.
5. A ___ rider doesn't put a saddle on her horse.
7. A speaker expresses his thoughts. A genius ___es others with his brain.
9. The three kinds of gas are ___, regular, and premium.
10. Magicians do amazing ___s that impress people.
11. ___s are little, but they are important items.
12. Did you pay full price, or did you get a ___?
14. She bought a case of soda and a six-___ of beer.