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1. The crash occurred at the ___ of Main Ave. and First Street.
3. Obey the ___ or you'll go to jail.
6. Coke and Pepsi are popular ___s.
8. The chair ___ makes wooden and plastic chairs.
10. The bottle is ___. Throw it out.
12. Rush-hour ___ is the worst. Cars travel at only 20 mph.
17. Always check your ___ mirror to see if vehicles are behind you.
19. The surgeon will ___ on my brother's knee tomorrow morning.
20. A chiropractor isn't a ___ doctor. MD stands for ___ Doctor.
22. Dial 911 for any type of life-threatening ___.
23. Does every ___ have an emergency room?


2. A city is part of a ___. A ___ is part of a state. A state is part of a country.
3. Freeways have up to six ___s of traffic. They usually have an emergency ___.
4. A valley is between tall ___s.
5. He ___ goes out to eat. He usually eats at home.
7. ___ the laws and you won't get arrested.
9. Store owners say that the ___ is always right.
11. ___ over so I can sit on the bench next to you.
13. Aspirin can ___ her stomach, so she takes aspirin with milk.
14. A smart phone is one of many popular ___s that people use every day.
15. There are many congested ___s going into and out of Los Angeles.
16. Most kids love to eat a peanut butter and jelly ___.
18. You must ___ by the rules of the road if you don't want to get a ticket.
20. Don't chew food or gum with your ___ open. It's disgusting.
21. She always ___s when she gets 100 on a test. Her ___ging annoys others.