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1. A translator is like an ___.
5. When he graduated, he got a ___ gift from his parents.
7. A hearing-___ed person cannot hear properly.
9. She speaks her native language ___. She isn't fluent in her second language.
10. He sat in section 10, ___ E, seat 5.
11. The fire department will ___ this equipment as safe.
12. She goes to the market ___ because her kids are hungry all the time.
13. Will you ___ me to your party?
14. She doesn't babysit every weekend. She babysits on ___ weekends.
15. Are you hungry? There's ___ of food in the refrigerator.
16. People ___ with one another by phone or email.


2. Pollution is bad for the ___.
3. My dad will ___ us on our trip to New York City.
4. ___ books and movies are about people in love.
6. She ___d from high school before she ___d from college.
8. She got a ___ of Attendance for attending the workshop.
13. Teenage girls ___d Elvis Presley and the Beatles.