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2. A house's price and ___ are important for resale.
5. He made a good ___. He picked a good car.
7. It's starting to rain. ___, I have my umbrella. Un___, my umbrella is broken.
8. I save my money because I stick to my ___.
9. I clean my TV ___ and computer ___ with a damp paper towel.
10. He watches movies every night, but he reads books only ___ly.
13. It is a short ___ from one side of the island to the other.
14. Some people have ___ computers, and others have desktops.
16. She pays the taxes and ___s on her phone bill.
17. I get a monthly bill for my office phone, cell phone, and ___ phone.


1. Do you have a ___ to my problem?
3. He ___ed his cable service because it was too expensive.
4. She called the 800 number and talked to the company ___.
6. The representative agreed ___ally with her.
11. April 15 is the deadline for people to pay their ___.
12. Do baby birds hatch in the ___ or early summer?
15. Women think that most men are okay, but some men are real ___s.