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1. Kittens, puppies, and little babies are so ___!
3. He's wearing a white shirt, brown ___, and black shoes.
8. The room ___ed when someone turned down the lights.
9. That person is rude, loud, and ___.
10. When your glass is ___, I'll refill it.
12. She ordered a soda and some hot, buttered ___ at the theater.
13. A huge ___ of people waited for the mall to open.
14. Actors are often ___. Actresses are often beautiful.
15. They sell popcorn and soda in the ___ of the theater.
17. I will ___ you to my wedding. It's on June 15.
18. He applied for a job. They wanted to see his ___.


2. People sit down and watch the movie in a movie ___.
4. Please stop chewing with your mouth open. It is very ___ing.
5. Some people are ___-skinned, and others are thick-skinned.
6. The Red Cross ___s to the needs of disaster victims.
7. He looked at the sky and ___d that it wouldn't rain.
11. "I am a proud American," Bob said ___.
13. The microwave sits on the kitchen ___.
16. The little boy started ___ing when it fell down and scraped his knees.