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1. A ___ is a scientist who studies rocks.
4. A freeway ___ goes over a lower freeway.
5. a thousand million = a ___
6. Concrete is a basic part of most big ___s.
7. Earthquakes can cause a lot of ___ to buildings.
8. Sinkholes and ___s occur in the ground.
11. Hurry! The automobile crash victims need ___ help.
13. Earthquakes and hurricanes can damage vast ___s.
14. ___ Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans.
15. You must stay within your ___ if you don't want to go broke.
16. A. Thanks for you help. B. Don't ___ it.


1. The ___ gets much of its money from taxes.
2. Please get off my lawn. It's ___ property.
3. The tall building ___d because of the earthquake.
6. Most of the buildings do not meet safety ___s for earthquakes.
9. We need to ___ the buildings so that they're stronger.
10. Los Angeles and Manhattan are very ___d areas.
12. Don't ___ the speed limit, or you'll get a speeding ticket.
14. Construction on the new building has ___ed because of no funding.