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2. It is ___ to trick someone out of their money or property.
4. You need to show ___ of age to enter a bar or nightclub.
5. A cop will ask for you ___ and insurance if he pulls you over.
6. Tornadoes and hurricanes ___ houses and other buildings.
7. Witnesses think they saw the ___ thief steal the purse.
9. He got a signed ___ of completion when he finished the class.
12. Safety is our number one ___. Nothing else is as important.
13. The new government is not ___ because of widespread voting fraud.
16. There is a nationwide ___ every 4 years for U.S. President.
17. You need an ___ invitation to attend the White House ball.
18. If you don't ___, don't complain about who gets elected.
19. The company is ___ pouring chemicals into the river. It will have to pay a huge fine.
20. The United States has many ___s from other countries. Were the first Americans ___s?
22. You have to ___ if you want to attend the conference.
23. There are rules, regulations, and ___s for just about everything.


1. Government ___s are officials who push paper around.
3. Marriage is a ___ between two people. Trade ___s sometimes go on strike. The Soviet ___.
4. You often need a ___ and a visa to travel to a foreign country.
8. It is ___ for people with diabetes to check their blood sugar.
10. A ___ is a person who lives in a particular area. A Brooklyn ___ lives in Brooklyn.
11. Poor people get ___d sometimes and are not allowed to vote.
14. She drinks Coke ___. She doesn't drink any other brand of soda.
15. The ___ of a state is the most powerful elected official in that state.
21. To say "those darn politicians" is nicer than to say "those ___ politicians."