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1. There was a loud ___ when the plane crashed into the building.
5. A ___ in a car should wear a seat belt, as should the driver.
6. The old lady won't ___ her age, but I know she's at least 70.
9. My ___ is that there is a God. You cannot convince me otherwise.
10. Parents have a huge ___ on their children.
11. The farmer's horse pulled the heavy ___ that dug up the soil.
14. Race cars go around and around on a race ___.
15. Do you have ___ commitments? If so, cancel them. This appointment is more important.
16. The ___ between the truck and the car killed two people.
19. Some hospitals have ___ rooms, and some don't.
20. Trucks, cars, and buses are types of ___s.
22. Do highway workers put out orange safety ___s so that drivers slow down?
23. One way to ___ down is to stop eating desserts.
25. Do fireworks ___ every Fourth of July?
26. Look at the baby ___ing on the floor.
27. ___ workers build buildings and wear hard hats.


2. Human ___ will be impossible if we poison our planet. We will all die.
3. The bodies were burned beyond ___. Nobody could identify them.
4. You can see the ___ from the city lights in the nighttime sky.
7. Buses and subways provide public ___ for commuters and travelers.
8. We ___ my daughter's birthday every year with a party and gifts.
12. Beer, wine, ___, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila are popular alcoholic drinks.
13. Bending and ___ing are ways to loosen up your muscles.
17. Your ___ contains over 200 bones. Bob is as skinny as a ___.
18. The rowing ___ was very tired after the race.
19. Four prisoners ___d over the prison wall.
21. The ___ of the collision was heard a couple of blocks away.
23. A ___ is a car that has a front seat and a rear seat.
24. Car parts used to be all ___. Now, many car parts are plastic.